We have the largest stock of rolls on the internet in Europe.

This is the only web-site of it's kind in the UK.

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£65 for up to 6 months and £120 for one year.


  Some of the Services we provide

  •  Repair and servicing of instruments
  •  Restoration of instuments
  •  We Buy and Sell instuments
  •  We Buy and Sell music rolls
  •  Piano removals and deliveries
  •  Valuation and appraisal service for instruments

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      Player pianos and related instruments

    We undertake all repairs to all mechanical, pneumatic and electrical piano playing mechanisms.
    From the smallest component and individual repair supplies to the largest most comprehensive
    restoration and rebuild you have come to the right place! ...more
    Pianos and Pianolas

    We undertake all repairs to pianos whether upright, grand,
    square, mini, straight-strung or over-strung, underdamped
    or over-damped, player-piano or ordinary.

    In addition to general repairs we offer a comprehensive rebuilding service including rebuilding,
    plate re-gilding, case re-polishing and re-stringing. ...more
      Piano Lifesaver

    We supply and fit the "Piano Lifesaver" to upright pianolas and pianos.

    The most important part of good piano maintenance is keeping the humidity as constant as possible. Because tuning instability and physical deterioration are the obvious results of continued humidity extremes, the installation of a Piano Life Saver is the best way to ensure the piano is protected from the devastating effects of humidity changes. ...more
      Music Roll Sales

    Treat your pianola to some new music instead of the same old rolls year-in year-out. We currently hold a stock at our showroom of around 1500 2nd-hand original rolls. Our comprehensively detailed stock is categorised by musical style and there's something for everyone! From popular to classics, rolls with song lyrics printed on them and many rolls for reproducing player-pianos and other instruments.

    We are a QRS UK agent supplying new QRS music rolls. QRS make quality new music rolls with a repertoire of 1000's ranging from the classics to ragtime and the Roaring 20's right through to the very latest pop tunes of the 1999. All QRS rolls (solos excepted, naturally) have the full song lyrics printed on the roll for your constant enjoyment.

    We provide a full UK and overseas mail order service for new & second-hand rolls. ...Info & Ordering
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