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  Weber 88 Note Pianola 74521

A top of the range instrument of it time made some time in the early 1920s with a full-scale ivory keyboard. The instrument was fully rebuilt including new hammers etc twenty to thirty years agon. The case is on a black French polish finish.

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  Aeolian 88 Note Pianola 12529

A fantastic opportunity to purchase a delightful instrument which is small and very compact. The instrument has recently been tuned and has received maintenance on the player action. The action works well and should delight most.

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  Ideal Standard 65 Note Pianola Number 4182

An English made instrument made around 1910 1914 fitted with a Standard 65 note player action. The case is of Dark mahogany. The Player action and Main bellows including tubing was overhauled in 2012. The Piano action is original but in working order.

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  Steck 88 Note Pianola 46320

A delightful looking instrument in a black ebonised French polished case made in Germany in the Gother factory in 1911. The Instrument is a Model 15A. The instrument is a full eighty eight note keyboard and is fitted with a full scale player action and has hand tracking for the playing of Rolls.

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  Farrand 88 Note Pianola 40456

Farrand Pianola made in the UK at the Hayes Factory sometime in the early twenties. The case is of Dark mahogany and has a high gloss French polish finish. There are some small scratches and age related marks but as you will see from the photos the case is in very good condition for its age.

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  Aeolian 88 Note Pianola 25842

An American made instrument from the 1920s sold through T. Fraser & Sons Bradford. The case is of light mahogany and is French polished. The case work has some scratches and age related marks.

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  Steck Duo-Art Pianola 103426

This Pianola was bought new by my Father in 1922 & passed down to me in the early sixties. It has delighted family & friends ever since. Now we have to part with it due to down-sizing & hope another family will also delight in its ownership for years to come.

  Aeolian 88 Note Pianola 30476

A very neat instrument being one of the smallest that the Aeolian company made. This would fit well into most modem homes being so small and will go though most door ways. So if size is a problem then look no further as this is not much wider than a standard piano.

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  Doherty Clinton of Canada Organ

An American reed organ from the late 1800s in a mahogany case. With a five octave key board and fourteen stops and knee operated swell. The instrument does have a small fault being a spiffier which should be fixable with a small amount of TLC.

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  Aeolian 88 Note Pianola 7555

An American made Aeolian Pianola very rare to find in the UK as most of the instrument s found in the UK were made in the Hays Factory in Middlesex. This instrument was made in the New York factory in about 1912.

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  Willis 88 Note Pianola 23409

A rare instrument to find in the UK. Made in Canada some time in the late 1920s and most likely imported to the UK buy a private family or may be a special order, however you are most unlikely to find another like this. The player action is the famous Otto Higel action.

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  Steck 88/65 Note Pianola 48022

A fabulous instrument which has the benefit of being able to play both types of Pianola rolls both the early 65 note and the later Full scale 88 note rolls.

  Weber 88 Note Pianola 78999

A top quality instrument having only been in one family ownership since new. Made in Hays London in 1925 at the Aeolian factory with a sold mahogany case and ivory key board.

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  Weber 88 Note Pianola 73514

English made instrument made in late 1916 in the Hays Factory London. Mahogany case with ivories keys. This instrument is in good working order and has had quite a lot of restoration work carried out please see the link below.

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  Marshal and Rose Pianola 33198

A reluctant sale of a much loved instrument which has been in our family for forty years or more. We have had much fun out of the instrument but now it is time to move it onto a new home where it will be much loved and bring enjoyment to the new owner.

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  Steinway Model 'K' 88 Note Pianola 169997

Welcome to the sale of my much loved Steinway Pianola. I have owned the instrument for many years and have carried out a great deal of work to both the Piano action and Player action.

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  Steck Pianola Model '5' 88 Note Pianola 53331

A fantastic opportunity to purchase a stunning looking instrument in a Burr Walnut French Polished case. The instrument was made in Germany in 1914. The instrument has been re-strung and had a complete rebuild of both the Piano and Player actions.

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  Steck 65 Note Pianola 41729

A German made instrument made in 1909 in the Gotha factory in Berlin.

The instrument is in a light mahogany case and the player is the earlier standard 65 note.

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  Universal 88 Note Pianola U3862

One of the smallest and compact instruments ever made.

Universal 88 note player Piano made by the Aeolian company London towards the end of their production of instruments in the late 1920s.

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  Steck Pedal Electric Grand Pianola 101803

English made Steck Baby Grand Pianola with a full Duo-Art Expression system made in the late 1920s in the Hayes factory London.

A chance to purchase a delightful little grand that is very compact and would fit into most modern day homes.

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  Weber 88 Note Pianola 78420

A fantastic opportunity to purchase one of the best every instruments made by the Aeolian company during the 1920s In the UK.

The instrument is of solid mahogany and has been re-polished and would look very nice in any modern day home.

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  Weber Duo Art Number: 81477

One of the best ever instruments made by the Aeolian company London in the late 1920s.

The case is of solid mahogany which is very rare as most pianos and pianolas were veneered.

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  Universal Pianola Number 01923

A small and compact Pianola made in the 1920s by the Aeolian company in Hays Middlesex. The instrument is an 88 note pianola and there for plays modern day music rolls. The case is of dark mahogany and has been re-polished in a satin mate finish and as can been seen from the photos looks very presentable.

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  Weber 88 Note Pianola 79444

A chance to purchase a top class instrument of its day made in the orchestral factory in Hayes Middlesex in late 1913. The instrument is in a dark mahogany case with a full scale 88 note key board and player action. The key board is of ivory and is in good condition for its age.

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  Broadwood 65 Note Pianola 109616

A fantastic opportunity to purchase one of the best made player Pianos ever made by Broadwood and Sons of London. This instrument is in a light mahogany case that has been repolished and only has a few small chip marks on the edges due to moving etc.

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  Weber 88 Note Pianola 69290

A Weber of London Pianola made in 1913 at the Orchestral Company in Hays Middlesex. The instrument was made to a high standard and was dark mahogany finished with a high gloss French polish finish. The instrument plays Full Scale 88 note rolls.

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Aeolian Pianola - 1927 - Fully Restored - As New

Upright Pianola, originally manufactured by the Aeolian Company of London, has been meticulously and professionally restored to its former glory and tuned to concert pitch. The piano action was rebuilt at the same time as the player action.

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The instrument is in working order but will require some T.L.C. The sale will also include a number of pianola rolls
and a stool.

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