Materials and Supplies
We supply all materials for pianos and player pianos. From felts, leathers, pneumatic cloths, piano
parts to the occasional player spare part. We can give you free advice on what is the best material for the job you wish to use it for and we don't even mind giving you helpful tips on rebuilding and restoration work either.

We don't jealously guard the trade secrets of our workshops. Afterall, we have nothing to hide - sound
restoration practices are never a secret - only dubious ones are. All our workshop techniques are all
the best traditional restoration practices utilising all the best traditional materials - and there is no
trade secret of that fact.

We believe that helping you understand the instruments, if you wish to rebuild them yourself rather
than engage a professional, ensures that primarily you, the customer, retain an active interest in
your instrument and secondly that the instrument is properly restored for continued enjoyment rather
than permanently ruined.

For more details please telephone David on 0844 5857299

All orders and enquiries may be placed by telephone, fax, post or email, see our contact page.
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