About Us  
Hello and welcome to the Pianola Shop. I am David the owner of the business.
Below is a breif history of the Pianola shop.

The shop was first started in 1963 by Mary and Eddie Belton as a family business.

In the late 1970ís I agreed to go and work for Mrs Belton as an apprentice learning about all aspects of player piano restoration. Mrs Belton trained me on the sales and restoration side of the business.

  The business had the largest stocks of Pianola rolls in the UK with over 3,000 s/hand 88 note rolls and 1,000 plus new rolls and over a 1,000 65 note Pianola rolls.
In 1985 Mrs Belton retired, having finished my technicianís course in London I took over the business and we moved to a new location in Brighton.

I hope you will enjoy your visit to our site.

Other Pianola Videos

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Recruitment at The Pianola Shop

Currently we do not have any job vacancies. Please check back here again soon.
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