Taking Care of your Instrument
If you have recently had your instrument overhauled or repaired it is very important to keep it in tip top condition with the following advice.

The biggest cause of damage to an instrument is heat from water pipes or radiators or simply drying out of the wooden parts of the instrument due to central heating being turned up too high. One of the ways to avoid damage to your instrument is to locate the instrument four feet away from any hot water pipes or radiators or direct sunlight.

Location of your instrument should not be in any of the following places:

  • Conservatories
  • Unheated garages, that are very cold or damp
  • Out buildings, i.e. summer houses, garden sheds, etc.

  • Damp is also a big killer to an instrument so it is also very important not to keep your instrument in a really cold or damp house as the long term damage that can be caused to the Piano action is stiffening or seizing up of the action parts, or metal work becoming rusty or damaged.

    Lastly maintenance is also a very important part of your instrumentís care and, tuning and servicing should be carried out as follows:

  • Tuning every 6 months
  • Pianola servicing, once every 12 months
    If you would like to get a quote for a service or Tuning please contact us and I will be happy to give you a price or arrange an appointment.

    Lastly if you would like me to give you advice on any aspect of the above please telephone me on (0)844 5857299 or I would be happy to make a site visit to advise you.

    Please also look at our page about Piano Life Savers for further care of your instrument.
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