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The Pianola Shop

Tel: +44 (0)844 5857299

Shop Opening

  •  Monday - By Appointment
  •  Tuesday - By Appointment
  •  Wednesday - By Appointment
  •  Thursday - By Appointment
  •  Friday - By Appointment
  •  Saturday - By Appointment
  •  Sunday - Closed
  • Please note that any email reply addresses from us are not monitored and all emails
    should be sent using the links below.
    Appointments (shop visits):


    or phone - 0844 5857299

    For the following services:

  •  All roll orders
  •  Request for catalogue of new rolls available
  •  Orders for piano parts/materials and requests for info on the same
  •  About instruments for sale by the Pianola Shop
  •  About restorations, repairs, removals
  •  Enquiries about The Pianola Shop and our services

  • email:

    For enquiries on the following services:

  •  Rolls you wish to sell*
  •  Instruments you wish to sell*
  •  Rolls on this site, specific or general
  •  About player-pianos and rolls generally

  • email:

     * The Main Office requests that e-mail enquiries of the nature where you are considering a sale of an instrument and
       would like an idea of what we may offer be sent to our Roll-Librarian. Please provide details (if possible) of the make
       of piano, make of player, whether it is a 65 or 88 note player or what other kind of mechanism it is, the serial number
       of the piano if possible, the condition of the piano, player mechanism and piano casework and finish and anything
       else you can say about it briefly. If you wish to send as an email attachment a photo or photos of the instrument
       and/or it's insides (to maximum of 3 photos) please send either a *.jpg or a *gif format image each image no larger
       than 50K in size (larger individual images will be automatically rejected).

    * Similarly, if you wish to sell rolls, please email the Roll-Librarian stating the type of rolls, quantity, general condition
       and (most helpful if possible) title details.
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